Grand Blanc Youth Football

Registration Questions

Why can't Grand Blanc Middle School 7th and 8th graders participate?

GBYF's primary goal is to provide an instructional program for Grand Blanc participants at the youth level. There is a limit to the number of participants we can accommodate within the GBYF program due to home game facilities, practice facilities, coaches and overall administration of the program. GBYF is committed to focusing our efforts on the participants in grades 3 - 6 who do not have the option to participate in a school sponsored football and cheer programs.

There is a mandatory cheer jacket this year. Why?

Each year the cheerleaders order GB Youth Cheer jacket to wear at football games. As the season progresses, the weather becomes cooler and we use the Cheer jacket to keep the girls warm but still have a uniform look to the squad. The Cheer jackets are for the girls to keep and be used year after year - the design stays the same. This is the same process we use for the football jerseys.

What does GBYF do to make it easier for families with more than one GBYF participant?

The NYFC organization mandates the method participants are placed on teams. There are also specific age and weight requirements for the Freshman and JV levels. GBYF uses team colors when assigning teams where our goal is to have siblings who are at different level to at least be on the same color teams. The game schedule is defined by the NYFL organization. When the NYFL creates the master game schedule for all NYFL areas, they do their best to make it possible for teams with the same color in an area to travel to similar locations for their games or provide time so that families can travel between locations.

Why can't I pick which Division I would like for cheer?

GBYF is an instruction-intensive organization and our cheerleading goal is to provide the basic cheer skill set they need to be successful in the future. We work hard to create a positive team building environment where all participants can thrive and have a positive experience. There are rules that must be followed for football team placements and we strive to ensure that all cheer teams are also equally balanced regarding age, experience and skill level. We also do our best to place siblings (cheerleaders and football players) within the same team color which adds to the complication of squad placements.

General Questions

Do I need a Sports Physical?

YES! There is a 2 page MHSAA Sports Physical form that must be turned in before you can pick up equipment. Do not wait until July to complete the physical; physicals can be completed starting on April 16th. You can download the official MHSAA Sports Physical form below; a doctors version of their physical form CANNOT be accepted - only the MHSAA version is accepted. Sports Physicals are turned in during Equipment Distribution in July - do not turn in your Sports Physical during registration. Please keep a copy of your child's Sports Physical form - you may need it for other sports.


Get Adobe Reader all GBYF download documents are in Adobe pdf format

Can I coach?

Yes, we are always in need of both Football and Cheerleading, Head and Assistant coaches. Coaches need to complete and submit a coaching application to the board for review and background check. Assistant coaches are chosen by the head coach and they also must submit application for board approval and background check.  Completed Coaching Applications should be emailed to the GBYF Board.  Completed Cheer Coaching Applications should be emailed to Cheer Director Kristin Prince.


Get Adobe Reader all GBYF download documents are in Adobe pdf format

Can I coach my own son's/daughters team?

Yes, however only the Head Coach's child can be placed on a team prior to the draft.

Can girls play?

Yes, girls are welcome.

How is a player's division determined?

The NYFL defines divisions based on the player's age and weight; this is enforced strictly. Birth certificate copies will be required to show proof of age. Age and weight requirements are detailed on the About Us page.

How are player positions determined?

This is ultimately the coach's decision and is based on many things including player size, speed, experience, participation, and most importantly safety.

Is any effort made to make sure everyone gets to play, at every game?

Yes, The NYFL mandates that a player must play at least 6 plays per half and this is a minimum: GBYF strives to exceed this.

Can siblings in Cheer and Football be placed on the same teams?

If the Cheerleader falls within the same age requirements for a division as the Football sibling, then we will make our best effort to place the cheerleader on the same team. However, if cheerleader's age places them at Freshman level division (for example) and the Football Player is on JV , then we will make our best effort to place them on the Same COLOR teams.

What football equipment is provided?

Football players will be provided a helmet, shoulder pads, 7 piece pad set, practice pants and game pants - these items are returned at the end of the season.

Each player will need to provide girdle, hard cup, mouth guard, cleats, black game socks and practice jersey. Football players new to the GBYF program will also purchase a reversible jersey during registration. This game day jersey is yours to keep.

What cheer equipment is provided?

Cheerleaders will be provided a shell/top, skirt - these items are returned at the end of the season. A hair bow will be provided and the cheerleader will keep the hair bow at the end of the season. They will also be provided poms for game time usage.

Cheerleaders new to the GBYF program will purchase a body suit, brief, leggings, and shoes. These purchased items are for the cheerleader to keep. Parents will be provided order details after registration is complete. Cheerleaders new to the GBYF program will also purchase a GBYF jacket during registration. This GBYF Cheer jacket is yours to keep.

How long is the season and how many games?

The season starts at the beginning of August and ends with the last game at the end of October. Games are scheduled for eight Saturdays starting in mid-August. Each team will play 8 games with possible play off games at the end of the season; there will typically be 4 home and 4 away games. Exact games times will be announced.

When will we get a game schedule?

Exact game schedules will NOT be available until just before the first game.

Where will games be held?

Home games will be held at Grand Blanc High School (no longer at East Middle School). Away game locations will be communicated prior to the start of the season.

When will practices be held?

Practice days before school begins will vary. Check the calendar for specific practice days. All football teams will practice at the same time and location. Practice will typically be held on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. 6:00pm to 8:00pm before school starts, 6:00pm to 7:30pm in September, and 5:30pm to 7:00pm in October.

Participants are expected to be at all of their practices. This includes arriving on time and staying until the end of practice. If the participant does not attend all practices, participation during the games will be impacted. This includes leaving early or missing practice for other sports or activities. Practice Attendance Policies are reviewed in detail at the Mandatory Parent Meeting, but, understand before you register that attendance is required at all practices.

Why do we practice 4 days a week?

We practice 4 days a week for many reasons, football is a contact sport and it takes time and repetition to teach proper tackling/blocking technique which are important from a safety standpoint. Football also has more than 22 positions that need to be taught and again this takes time.

Where will practice be held?

Bicentennial Park on Grand Blanc Road in Grand Blanc.

Will there be fund raising?

No. There is no mandatory fundraiser for GBYF this year. However, there will be a fund-raising effort throughout the season including dining fundraisers, 50/50 at home games, etc. Local businesses can also sponsor the Grand Blanc Youth Football program. If you are interested in sponsorship OR volunteering, please contact Manda McDermaid or email us!

What is the GBYF refund policy?

All registration fees are non-refundable except for the following:

  • Family moves out of the Grand Blanc area between registration and start of practice - new address must be provided to GBYF.
  • Player or cheerleader does not pass the required physical before the season begins
  • Child still wants to participate in the program but there are not enough players at a level to create a team

All football jersey and cheer hoodie fees are non-refundable if orders have already been placed. Other items may be deducted from refund as appropriate.

All refunds will be subject to a 3% processing fee.  Our standard refund procedure is to mail a check for the refund to the address we have on file for the player.

No registration refunds provided once practice has started, for any reason.

If you have other questions, feel free to contact us